August News 2017 and booking info for next term

Welcome back to the world of iyoga and regular classes, though those of you who have been enjoying the extended summer timetable may be a little miffed after a bit more free-forming!

Many of you have asked about my time at The Iyengar Institute in June. There is no doubt I am inspired and energised from the experience,  I did put a few short posts on the news page of this website for you to follow and get a flavour of life there, please take a look as my website could do with a few more hits! There were also posts and photos on FB too if you do that. Infact I had hoped more of you would share your summer yoga pics with us there, but it seems you were too shy! Otherwise much of what I learned will filter through in class and on workshops and holidays when there is more time.

As I am sure you will have noticed we are in the midst of another yoga BOOM. iyoga is also thriving, particularly in Peebles*** where the class has been full to capacity all year so its a good thing we have 2 new teachers in the area, since Avril and Isabelle qualified.

The night class at Yoga on Tay is also often full so using the booking system to book there  is advised. Other classes could still benefit if you were to bring a friend along sometime.

Over the year once again we have seen the benefits of an Iyengar yoga practice nursing folks right up to the point of an operation, again in the recuperative phase post-op and of course in easing long term aches and pains.

Some people benefit immediately but the nature of other injuries can take years of dedicated practice before those pains and mis-alignments start to be overcome. And the inner landscape of the body starts to  find a new way to be. This is most gratifying for me as a teacher when other feel and see the benefits too.

If you intend to continue, or start with classes this August/September I am attaching a 2017-18 registration form for you to complete and return, as it is that time of year again, if you can respond digitally that would be best in terms of saving paper though paper returns are acceptable of course.

A 10-week block of classes costs £75 (£90 for intermediate), it is possible to drop-in if there is space £10 (£12 intermediate).


NEWLANDS: August 29 September 5 12 19 26 October 3 24 31 November 7 14

DOLPHINTON: August 29 September 5 12 19 26 October 3 24 31 November 7 14

PEEBLES: August 30 September 6 13 20 27 October 4 25 November 1 8 15


Dolphinton: August 29 September 5 12 19 26 October 3 24 31 November 7 14

A reminder for those of you who have been attending beginners classes regularly for a couple of years, or more, and feel ready to work a little harder you could consider coming to intermediate at the start of term. Where we continue to work with poses you know, but in a greater depth, and introduce a wider range of ‘other’ postures, including focusing more on inverted poses. Enjoy to stretch yourself in every way imaginable.

Equipment for sale, I have one last travel mat for sale £15, weighing only 400g it folds into the back of an A4 file. Not ideal for full scale practice but fine in a hotel room if your are away. I also have 4 yoga belts left, £5 each, ask me in class if interested.

Regarding workshops and retreats, Samye Ling this September and Mallorca this October are both again fully booked. We are currently working on next years programme, with workshops in Edinburgh, Fife The Borders and beyond, these will be varied in nature, suitable for different levels of practice with differing points of focus. Perhaps more anatomy and hopefully using ropes again and also some work on senior poses for those at that level. We hope to bring over a guest teacher who trained with The Iyengars at some point for a weekend, non-residential, as well as have our regular residential at Samye Ling.

Beyond that 2019, I am looking in to another Indian trip for yoga and culture and a retreat to The Holy Isle, Arran, so keep in touch if interested.

*** To this end if you are re-booking classes at Peebles there has already been a number of enquiries to start in August and therefore a waiting list so please book by August 20th to ensure your place.

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