Travels with a Yoga Teacher (4)

Its all over. I’m home and it seems it monsoon in Scotland too as I adjust to reality. Its seems to be taking me a while to engage with people and life after a month of yoga saturation.

The essential message on the yoga front is to establish your own practice. That is not to dismiss being a ‘class goer’ too as we all need instruction, guidance and adjustment, but  to recognise that the two go hand in hand, I am aware that many of you already do but its a word of encouragement to those who ma be yet to take that step..

To further inspire us workshops with experienced teachers also have a place and while I am available to take some I have renewed old contacts and made new ones to bring you expertise with a different perspective in the near future. Sharing yoga for  amonth with those at RIMYI is a very international experience: Spain, Italy, US, Australia, New Zeakand, Canada, Argentina and the list goes on and on…

I also made a visit to an orphanage near the foothills of the Himalya where I spent an amazing few days, I hope to run a yoga and culture holiday there in the next couple of years.

Outside of yoga India is a vegetarians paradise with so many delicious dishes and snacks on offer, I’ll put up some photos in a new gallery.

Most of us, well mostly the women, also adopt to local dress to varying degrees, its comfortable both for the climate and to move about without attracting too much attention.

Anything else you may wonder about please do ask, i’d like to think that some of you with 7-8 years of yoga, or more may consider a Pune trip one day too.

hangin’ around!


Travels with a Yoga Teacher (3)

What has happened since I last wrote? Ten days have passed with a full-on schedule. Geeta has been teaching which is something I dared not hope for as it would be so disappointing, but the frission of excitement as she has come several times to share her wealth of experience and shake up our practice potential has been tangible and emotional.

She has also organised with the more experienced teacher led practices and lectures for us, once sometimes twice a day, to ensure the teaching is being received and understood around the world.

After all, Guruji is no longer with us and the truth is Geeta and Prashant won’t be teaching for ever either.

In a way it’s refreshing to see this new generation of teachers coming through, full of enthusiasm and vitality. We need more youngsters at home too, any thoughts on how to do this in a world where yoga has become increasing commercial will be most welcome. Iyengar yoga has the credentials in the yoga world for quality teaching, a good safe system of practice, it can be fun as new poses are introduced or old poses delivered in new ways, but there are now so many other options …?

Back to Pune, as well as our daily practice, daily classes, helping at medical, writing notes and observing other classes to bring back to you the day is full. The heat has been energy sapping till this week (averaging 30C and 60-88% RH), and after eating well much rest is needed. And at last the monsoon has arrived with 27mm falling in one hour the other day, that was spectacular, but I have no photos as we were in class. Infact these news bulletins might be a bit short of pictures till I get home as wifi is very slow for such things, but do keep an eye on FB, that seems to work easy enough.

It’s great to be here but it’s no holiday, like I said to those of you who wished us ‘happy holidays’!!! Fortunately, I have been here many times now and it’s all familiar in that I know where to shop, where to eat, where to find the cobbler and buy homemade yogurt etc etc. I can see its harder for the newbies who either, like me when I first came, go mad with excitement rushing round doing lots, or they have disappeared for the first week or two into cocoons and are only now slowly starting to emerge.

So, how are you enjoying your classes with your cover teacher…do let me know, FB or email?



August News 2016

It seems crazy to talk about the autumn term while my calendar tells me we are still in the midst of summer. But it is true the summer sessions are winding up in the next week or two. They have been well attended and we have had the luxury of extra time to be more playful with our yoga after all the hard work of the academic year. On that note I hope that those of you who have been attending beginners/general classes for 2 years OR MORE!!… might be tempted to try intermediate sessions in the new term. See below for the dates.

Up coming we have our celebration day of yoga, open to all I have taught over the years, last 20 years to be exact! It’s not too late to join us if you find you can after all please do get in touch with me.

Then there is our next Iyengar Yoga Holiday in October, this year to Mallorca. We will stay in a beautiful converted farm, with our own pool, where we will also have some classes. However most sessions will be held in the local Iyengar Studio where we can practice in a dedicated space and use traditional props. As with earlier iyoga workshops and retreats this has proved popular selling out in a matter of weeks.

Next year we are excited to be back to India with a new location in the Himalya, details will go up on the website as soon as they are finalised.

We also hope to take a weekend retreat at Samye Ling again later next year.

Classes will continue to be sold as blocks of 10 and still at the same price £75 (beginners), £90 (intermediate). Simply use the contact form on the website to book a place.

You can drop-in if space is available, £10 (beginners) or £12 (intermediate).

Peebles August 24 31 September 7 14 21 28 October 19 26 November 2 9

Newlands August 23 30 September 6 13 20 27 October 18 25 November 1 8

Dolphinton September 6 13 20 27 October 18 25 November 1 8 15 22

Classes in Fife continue at the studios as listed and in my home studio by appointment

I look forward to yoga, if you are just starting, or perhaps more yoga, if you are continuing, with you soon.