Summer Sessions for Thursday morning class

After asking what the interest would be in having summer sessions it seems it would be worthwhile to continue. We can look at dates that will work for most of us once I am back from travels and I can either sub-let the studio or run classes from my home studio accordingly.

Newsletter April 2016

When I moved to The Borders about this time of year many moons ago I did try the local yoga classes but after attending Iyengar yoga at The Edinburgh Centre nothing really hit the spot so I have continued to attend classes there ever since. However as a means of sharing the wonders of Iyengar yoga locally I decided to train as a teacher myself that was 20 years ago. To mark 20 years of continuous iyoga in The Borders I propose a day of yoga with all of you.

Newlands Centre, Romanno Bridge has been booked for the the 20th of August, the format is yet to be finalised but at the moment I envisage an asana class, pot luck lunch, some sort of presentation, pranayama and meditation …so keep your eye on the news page of the website!!.

We are now in the run up to Summer with local classes in The Borders continuing up to the end of June before we operate on a reduced timetable for July and August, details are at the bottom of this newsletter. While classes at studios in Fife will have their own rhythm.

Meanwhile at the risk of repeating myself the yoga holiday to Mallorca October 2016 was booked out before February was over. We have a super group coming and I very much look forward to practising in The Iyengar Studio at Felanitx. No doubt there will be plenty photos for you to see the location and explorations and possibly consider coming another time.

Talking of travel and yoga, I was asked in class this week about dates for the proposed yoga holiday to India next year. I will be going to do a reccie, with “office staff”, better known as Marieke, May-June this year with a view to running the holiday May-June 2017. Again it is a small affair run by a local family and although I have been to stay there before we would like to visit first to be up to date with accommodations, and activities before taking a group out. We should be clearer about dates etc after this trip.

And for your own travels I still have some super lightweight travel yoga mats, thin of course but only 400g, for sale at £17 if you’d like one.

A reminder that Samye Ling is having a year off but it will be back as so many of you love it. And I will let you know of any more ropes workshops in due course.

Other news it may be helpful to have in mind: It is a fact that one of my students has already trained as a teacher, Mona, and 2.5 more are due to qualify later this year (Avril, Isabelle and Eva). Meanwhile I continue to practice towards the next senior exam, it’s a long process alongside full time work but I’m sticking in and thoroughly enjoying expanding my knowledge and practice. There are other elements in the back ground too as I am training as an assessor for the introductory teaching exams and hope next year to start shadowing as a teacher training with a view to running teacher training courses in the future for Iyengar Yoga (UK). So there will be plenty opportunity for you to take your yoga further too, please speaks to me about if at all interested.

Newlands£75 for 10 week block, with an optional extra class on June 28

19 26 3 10 17 24 31 7 14 21

Dolphinton Beginners £60 Intermediate £70 for 8 week block. Please note classes on May 24, June 7 and 14 will be at a slightly different time for everyone 6.30-8.30pm

10 17 24 31 7 14 21 28

Peebles£60 for an 8 week block. Please note this class is fully booked at the moment so drop-in is not available unless you are catching up for classes elsewhere.

11 18 25 1 8 15 22 29

Summer Sessionswill take place at Newlands Centre July-August Tuesday evenings 7-9pm while evening classes at Dolphinton will take a break. This year Peebles classes will also take a break along with the school holidays as I found them to be a bit quiet last summer, and Newlands afternoons will depend on a vote with your feet!!

Finally a big thank you for finding iyoga and our continued practice together.

Newlands Class Dates

Changes to yoga at Newlands Centre, Romanno Bridge, it is once again open to book via Julie, contact her at for registration and booking forms.

A reminder then that after the Easter Break fees will be due for a 10-week block April 19 26 May 3 10 17 31 June 7 14 21 though we hope to have a class on the 28th of June too.

Extra Workshops

…with Swati and Rajvi Chanchani late June.

I can recommend their teaching, if you would like to practice a little more in every way this is a great opportunity.

BKS Iyengar

Updates on the World of iYoga

Life goes at a pace where it can be a challenge to find time for my mat let alone updating websites, Face Book (there are many interesting links to be found there I must say), and emails.

So, what goes on in my life: I have had some great tuition already this week with my teacher Elaine Pidgeon at The Edinburgh Iyengar Centre. She has just returned from Pune after a month, daily classes of a couple of hours at a time and practice sessions of 2-3 hours goes a long way to further our experience as teachers. I usually also help 2-3 hours a day in the medical class so its yoga yoga yoga… a perfect sabbatical. Anyway its next year before I go again. Today I’m off to London for some senior teacher training which is always a joy with Penny Chaplin at Maidavale. This has the supreme bonus of seeing my son and daughter in law who I also stay with :))

The retreat to Mallorca this October was booked out before February was over!! We have a super group coming and I very much look forward to practising in The Iyengar Studio at Felanitx.

Samye Ling is going to have a year off due to on going training for me, I am also training as an Assessor for Iyengar Yoga (UK) and other commitments beyond the world of yoga. So I am sorry for those of you who had hoped to attend as it has become such a regular feature on the calendar…but it will be back.

What I do plan for this year, to celebrate 20 years of teaching Iyengar yoga in The Scottish Borders (and beyond), is a Day of Yoga with an asana class, pot luck lunch, hopefully a yoga demo, some pranayama and meditation too.

I will also be off to India myself as part of a research trip to run a yoga retreat to the Himalya next May/June.

On an everyday note Tuesday afternoon classes at Newlands (1.30-2.45pm), will again be run by iyogajulie so all bookings for those should come to me as of April 19th.

So watch this space!

I leave you with a nice excerpt from Guruji’s book Light on Life:

(Julie you need to add this!)

Dates for February – May 2016

Dear Yogi,

This is a reminder and dates for those who book directly with Julie, that we do have class this week but the first week in February Julie will be on holiday so no classes in The Borders on the 2nd and 3rd with the last classes of the current block on the 9th and 10th.

Fife classes are held in studios where teacher cover will be provided.

Classes are usually sold as ten week blocks. Most people commit to a block as it encourages regular practice, not to mention the economics (£7.50 per class as opposed to £9 to drop-in). Dates for the next block are below, should you miss a class it is always possible to catch up at any other class in The Borders.

Payment details are available on the registration forms, please note that PayPal is no longer an option.


16 23 1 8 15 22 29 19 26 3


Please note this class is fully booked so drop-in is not available.

17 24 2 9 16 23 30 20 27 4

Finally a big thank you for finding iyoga and our continued practice together.

Minor changes to Fife Classes

Life for iyoga continues to evolve in its first year in Tayside.

We will shortly amend the classes page of this website but for your information:

Thursday the 21st of January is the last week at St Andrews University

Evening classes in St Andrews at are now at the better time of 6.30-8pm, still on a Thursday.

Day classes at Julie’s studio will continue in Newport-onTay with a move to a larger studio at from the 11th of February at the time of 10.45-12.15

Happy New Year and class info

What joy, after the pleasures of festivities to return to the regular practice of yoga :))

All public iyoga classes are up and running again this week and I look forward seeing you again.

If you are planning to start yoga in 2016 please do get in touch with me. Please also note there is still a waiting list for the Peebles class.

Classes at The View in St Andrews are now at the more convenient time of 6.30-8pm, contact them directly to book

And as of Thursday February 11th a new class will start at Yoga-0n-Tay 10-.45am-12.15pm again contact them to book a place

Looking forward to sharing yoga with you in 2016!