Travels with a Yoga Teacher (1)

Time has again come around for me to return to India, Pune to be precise. A city of over 3 million people, so not the usual serene destination preferred by those going on a yoga holiday. But then is it a holiday, is it a sabbatical, is it professional development? Those of us who make this journey for a month of yoga, mostly taught directly by The Iyengar Family undoubtedly learn a lot and hopefully this informs our teaching and benefits all who come to Iyengar classes at home, but it also gives the luxury of plenty time for practice as we have stepped out of the normal routine.

This is my 6th trip and along with further travels I’ve spent well over a year here. Though India can be challenging in its own way I do love it.

Today we are emerging from our cocoon of jet lag. I say we as I am lucky to have another teacher from Scotland with me, Claudia. Our flat is surrounded by trees so we woke to the sounds of exotic birds before the background hum of traffic has had a chance to build up for the day. As I write that I reflect on when I first came in 1999 it was so much quieter with mostly 2 wheeled traffic, the occasional bullock cart and even more occasionally a camel cart, but now it is predominately cars. Life begins early here our class was 7-9 this morning with Prashant. We waited while the 5.45 class filed out! Next was practice time till noon.

One aspect which is challenging is the weather 30-37 degrees is hot, team that up with the humidity 88% today. So after writing up notes and making lunch I am sitting under a fan (a lovely sanctuary) to type and share, maybe next time there will be some photos…..

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