Travels with a Yoga Teacher (2)

Travels with a yoga teacher 2

Day4, its intended as a day off but there were a few of us keen to learn more so we took a class with Gulnaaz….kurmasana (turtle pose), here we come!

Days here have been full; the yoga routine starts to develop, we go to class and we practice; we observe classes and with any luck get to help in what they call the remedial class and at home is termed medical or therapy. Then if you are a squirrel like me you make notes of it all to share later…

Outside of the yoga it takes a while to stock up on the basics, this requires various wanderings in the heat for pens and paper, spices and more basic essentials and what a great pleasure that is for me. Its familiar after several trips to India but there is still that edge of excitement as its all soooo different to home.

Last night (that will now be Saturday as I am having trouble uploading photos), I wandered down to the chowk for dinner:

mango lassi to die for…and healthy greens with raw onion and lemon on the side 

be sure to watch the movie on the link below 😉


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