Travels with a Yoga Teacher (3)

What has happened since I last wrote? Ten days have passed with a full-on schedule. Geeta has been teaching which is something I dared not hope for as it would be so disappointing, but the frission of excitement as she has come several times to share her wealth of experience and shake up our practice potential has been tangible and emotional.

She has also organised with the more experienced teacher led practices and lectures for us, once sometimes twice a day, to ensure the teaching is being received and understood around the world.

After all, Guruji is no longer with us and the truth is Geeta and Prashant won’t be teaching for ever either.

In a way it’s refreshing to see this new generation of teachers coming through, full of enthusiasm and vitality. We need more youngsters at home too, any thoughts on how to do this in a world where yoga has become increasing commercial will be most welcome. Iyengar yoga has the credentials in the yoga world for quality teaching, a good safe system of practice, it can be fun as new poses are introduced or old poses delivered in new ways, but there are now so many other options …?

Back to Pune, as well as our daily practice, daily classes, helping at medical, writing notes and observing other classes to bring back to you the day is full. The heat has been energy sapping till this week (averaging 30C and 60-88% RH), and after eating well much rest is needed. And at last the monsoon has arrived with 27mm falling in one hour the other day, that was spectacular, but I have no photos as we were in class. Infact these news bulletins might be a bit short of pictures till I get home as wifi is very slow for such things, but do keep an eye on FB, that seems to work easy enough.

It’s great to be here but it’s no holiday, like I said to those of you who wished us ‘happy holidays’!!! Fortunately, I have been here many times now and it’s all familiar in that I know where to shop, where to eat, where to find the cobbler and buy homemade yogurt etc etc. I can see its harder for the newbies who either, like me when I first came, go mad with excitement rushing round doing lots, or they have disappeared for the first week or two into cocoons and are only now slowly starting to emerge.

So, how are you enjoying your classes with your cover teacher…do let me know, FB or email?



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