Travels with a Yoga Teacher (4)

Its all over. I’m home and it seems it monsoon in Scotland too as I adjust to reality. Its seems to be taking me a while to engage with people and life after a month of yoga saturation.

The essential message on the yoga front is to establish your own practice. That is not to dismiss being a ‘class goer’ too as we all need instruction, guidance and adjustment, but ¬†to recognise that the two go hand in hand, I am aware that many of you already do but its a word of encouragement to those who ma be yet to take that step..

To further inspire us workshops with experienced teachers also have a place and while I am available to take some I have renewed old contacts and made new ones to bring you expertise with a different perspective in the near future. Sharing yoga for ¬†amonth with those at RIMYI is a very international experience: Spain, Italy, US, Australia, New Zeakand, Canada, Argentina and the list goes on and on…

I also made a visit to an orphanage near the foothills of the Himalya where I spent an amazing few days, I hope to run a yoga and culture holiday there in the next couple of years.

Outside of yoga India is a vegetarians paradise with so many delicious dishes and snacks on offer, I’ll put up some photos in a new gallery.

Most of us, well mostly the women, also adopt to local dress to varying degrees, its comfortable both for the climate and to move about without attracting too much attention.

Anything else you may wonder about please do ask, i’d like to think that some of you with 7-8 years of yoga, or more may consider a Pune trip one day too.

hangin’ around!


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