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Life goes at a pace where it can be a challenge to find time for my mat let alone updating websites, Face Book (there are many interesting links to be found there I must say), and emails.

So, what goes on in my life: I have had some great tuition already this week with my teacher Elaine Pidgeon at The Edinburgh Iyengar Centre. She has just returned from Pune after a month, daily classes of a couple of hours at a time and practice sessions of 2-3 hours goes a long way to further our experience as teachers. I usually also help 2-3 hours a day in the medical class so its yoga yoga yoga… a perfect sabbatical. Anyway its next year before I go again. Today I’m off to London for some senior teacher training which is always a joy with Penny Chaplin at Maidavale. This has the supreme bonus of seeing my son and daughter in law who I also stay with :))

The retreat to Mallorca this October was booked out before February was over!! We have a super group coming and I very much look forward to practising in The Iyengar Studio at Felanitx.

Samye Ling is going to have a year off due to on going training for me, I am also training as an Assessor for Iyengar Yoga (UK) and other commitments beyond the world of yoga. So I am sorry for those of you who had hoped to attend as it has become such a regular feature on the calendar…but it will be back.

What I do plan for this year, to celebrate 20 years of teaching Iyengar yoga in The Scottish Borders (and beyond), is a Day of Yoga with an asana class, pot luck lunch, hopefully a yoga demo, some pranayama and meditation too.

I will also be off to India myself as part of a research trip to run a yoga retreat to the Himalya next May/June.

On an everyday note Tuesday afternoon classes at Newlands (1.30-2.45pm), will again be run by iyogajulie so all bookings for those should come to me as of April 19th.

So watch this space!

I leave you with a nice excerpt from Guruji’s book Light on Life:

(Julie you need to add this!)

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